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At Atlassian, life's a beach – literally. This year, we're taking our 2014 grads to two beachside mansions where they'll work together to brainstorm, code, and ship a full feature for an Atlassian product.

Surf. Code. Repeat. Just another summer at the HackHouse.

Get to know the HackHouse

You'll kick off your career with a hackathon in the Atlassian HackHouse, writing code and sipping on a cold beer – and that's just the beginning.

"The HackHouse was a crazy, action-packed week that threw us straight into what working at Atlassian is all about: writing great software with great people. We formed long-lasting friendships and it brought out the fun and competitive nature of working at Atlassian. I love that Atlassian is a place where people are proud to put their name on something and say 'I made that!'"
– Chris Doble, 2012 Hacklassian

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Meet this year's hackers

Michael O

Michael studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Computing) at Newcastle University. Michael chose to apply at Atlassian because of "their track record of developing great products, their focus on spending the time needed to get things right and their core principles." Michael chose to become a software developer as "it's rewarding getting to use my creativity to develop cool systems and see them being used by people. I greatly enjoy the challenge of developing efficient and robust code." Michael's proudest achievement was completing his final year project – a fixed-function graphics processor written in VHDL and running on an FPGA. Outside university and work, Michael spends time experimenting with tools, languages, and frameworks, and is currently building a game with a friend.


Ivor studied Computer Science at UNSW. Ivor chose Atlassian because "it is an awesome place to start my career because it provides the opportunity to tackle challenging problems, build quality software, and meet like-minded people wgi want to make a positive impact on the world like I do." Ivor had a passion for computers from a young age but ultimately found that software development was the best field for him, as he could use his creativity in to tackle interesting problems and make a career he loves out of it. Ivor's proudest achievement was obtaining a co-pp scholarship which provided him with the opportunity to get a good taste of the industry while making some great friends along the way. Ivor has been part of various contract work projects, developing websites and web applications over the past few years, and has a passion for fitness outside of work and study.


Norman studied Computer Science at UNSW. Norman chose Atlassian "because finding ways to help people work better together is something I personally believe in. Oh, and Nerf guns as well. I believe in those, too."

Norman's proudest achievement is teaching in front of a class of hundreds, which he describes as "nerve wracking, even when you know your stuff, but so rewarding!" Outside of work and study, Norman enjoys designing and hacking together mobile photography apps. He also teaches photography, blogs about technology, and loves hiking and travelling.


Oliver studied a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (Advanced) at Sydney University. As a keen software developer, Oliver chose Atlassian "after hearing from a friend about how great it is to work there. I am also thrilled by the idea of working closely with other Atlassians, on software that is used by many big companies all over the world!" Oliver chose to become a software developer "because I have always enjoyed problem solving, discovering how things work and building new things. I also experience great satisfaction implementing my ideas." Oliver's proudest achievement is when he was awarded the Professor John Rosenberg Prize for Excellence in Computer Science. Oliver has developed and published his own Android app and written a 3D scene Ray Tracer. Outside of work, Oliver enjoys playing tennis, reading, spending time with his girlfriend, coding, and socializing, or playing team-based PC games with friends.


Avi studied Computer Science and Neuroscience at UNSW. Avi chose Atlassian because "Atlassian looks like a fun place to work, building things that make software development better. Computers are cool. Also, they're everywhere." Avi's proudest achievement is managing HDs with glandular fever, and "finishing my thesis was pretty good, too." Outside of work, Avi likes to read, play games, and learn martial arts.


Ashley studied a Bachelor of Software Engineering/Bachelor of Science at the Australian National University. Ashley chose Atlassian because "it is a young, innovative Australian company with a great culture." Ashley chose to be a developer because "I've always enjoyed understanding how things work and the challenges involved with programming. Software development was a logical career choice for me as it allows me to work on large and complex systems across many different disciplines." Ashley's proudest achievement was getting first class honours. Ashley has worked on a project that uses microcontrollers for home automation, for example opening and closing blinds remotely or based on time/ambient light. Outside of work, Ashley likes to catch up with friends, play soccer, go skiing, listen to music, or watch one of his favorite TV shows.


James studied Computer Science at UNSW. James chose Atlassian because "I wanted to be in a fun team doing development that actually makes it out to clients and makes a difference. I've always enjoyed creating things on computers." James got into software development because "you can reach and affect a lot of people." James has been involved in open source in 2005, and has contributed to several projects since. Most recently he's been working on 'Mellivora' on GitHub. James enjoys spending time with friends and family, rock climbing, skateboarding, hiking.


Raymond studied Computer Science/Engineering at UNSW. Raymond chose Atlassian "because it offers a great work environment in which to learn how to build great products, as well as the opportunity to work with some of the best engineers in the industry." Raymond chose to become a software developer because "I am passionate about technology and find software engineering offers the most interesting problems to work on." Raymond's proudest achievement is completing his thesis and graduating with first class honors. Raymond has worked on a few small side projects including experimentation with building websites using Ruby on Rails. He's also dabbled a little bit into video game modding. In his spare time, Raymond is usually reading blogs or books, watching documentaries, or playing video games.

Michael T

Michael studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) at UNSW. Michael chose Atlassian because of "great people and culture, and the opportunity to do rewarding work on products that make a difference." Michael chose to become a software developer because it's a role that is "intellectually challenging with problem-solving aspects. It's a versatile field that is an integral part to recent technological advancements." Michael's proudest achievement is having the confidence of previous generations of CSE Revue executives to become a 2011 CSE Revue Producer. Michael has done some game development on Construct 2, and in his spare time, follows anime and Reddit, plays trading card games (Magic), and mobile games (Ingress, Samurai Siege), enjoys badminton, and finding new places to eat around Sydney.


Jeremy studied Computer Science at Newcastle University. Jeremy chose Atlassian because he "wanted to be with the top developers working on client facing projects – this is the best place for it!" Jeremy chose to become a developer due to his love of maths, problem solving, and the ability to see practical benefits to his work. Jeremy's proudest achievement was being paid to publish his honors work. Jeremy enjoys more coding, various video games, and board games with friends outside of work.


Joshua studied a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) at Australian National University. Joshua chose Atlassian because "the office culture is amazing, and the projects are interesting – perfect combo!" Jeremy decided to become a software developer because "I love having the ability to create stuff! Anything you can imagine can be built, and I love having a hand in it." Joshua's proudest achievement is writing a compiler from scratch. "The process was fascinating and gave me an insight into how computers magically turn code into instructions." Joshua is working on quite a few personal projects – he's made a webcam program for his daily photo project (4.5 years of daily photos and counting!), and a web interface for an abstract boardgame that he enjoys (It's called "catchup", aka "ketchup"). Joshua also enjoys reading, gaming, knitting, hiking, and running.


Scott studied Software Engineering at the University of Auckland. Scott chose Atlassian because "I wanted something that wasn't Auckland, and Atlassian seems awesome!" Scott's interest in software development started when he was 15, and he's been playing with programming since. Scott's proudest achievement was running a robotics competition for hundreds of high school kids from all over Asia/NZ. Scott has worked on an Android bus stop viewer for the Auckland bus network, and in his spare time he likes to play with random web things, PC games, and linux servers.


Jack studied Computer Science at UNSW. Jack chose Atlassian because after hearing about ShipIt at university. "ShipIt Days came up in a social psychology talk about productivity and motivation – it seems like a fun place to work!" Recently, Jack has worked on a number of cool websites, and startup ideas too. Jack enjoys a good book in his spare time.


Chaoyang studied a Masters of Information Technology at UTS. Chaoyang chose Atlassian for the "great people, and great place." Chaoyang enjoys coding and creating something of his own. Chaoyang's proudest achievement is completing his research for an inter-day trading AI. Chaoyang has experience working on a number of desktop and web applications, and in his spare time, play games, reads, and codes.


Ian studied a Computer Science (Honours) at Sydney University. Ian chose Atlassian because Atlassian is "cutting-edge and cool." Ian fell in love with programming at uni and has written a blog in django to try out web dev. Ian likes DJing, swimming, and socializing in his spare time.


Symphony studied Computer Science/Digital Media at UNSW. Symphony chose Atlassian for its "great culture and cool people." Symphony chose to become a software developer as "it's challenging and it's fun! Designing and completing a working solution is one of the most satisfying things." Symphony helps run coding workshops for high school students and assists with her friends' web and app design projects. In her spare time, she likes to play music, play games, and catch up with friends.


Tim studied Engineering (Computer and Network) / Computer Science at RMIT. Tim chose Atlassian because "Atlassian is a company that treats its customers and employees really, really, well. It has a great reputation and also appears to have a bright future ahead of it." He decided to become a developer because "I love building systems. Software development is often about building systems!" Tim's proudest achievement is being employed to teach Programming 1 and Software Engineering Fundamentals. Tim has worked on a number of software projects including: Spent (iOS App), tom foolery with VPSs and AWS instances, bash scripts, and bitcoin treasure hunt. In his spare time, Tim enjoys listening to podcasts, cycling, digitizing documents, playing board games, watching aoe2 replays, reading HN and Reddit, tweaking scripts on his servers, and worrying about cosmic rays and bit rot.


Shaun studied Computer Science at UNSW. Shaun chose Atlassian because "awesome people, awesome culture, awesome tools." Shaun enjoyed developing and building software throughout high school and "furthering that knowledge in university seemed like a great idea!" Shaun's proudest achievement was successfully breaking the CityRail transit ticketing system as a part of a security engineering workshop project. Shaun has worked on Minecraft Plug-in Framework and Plug-ins, Sony PSP Custom Firmware mod, and various indie game ideas. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, socializing, bush walking, and developing app and game ideas.

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