L'équipe IT de Spotify soutient la croissance exponentielle de l'entreprise avec Atlassian


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Spotify is one of the largest online music streaming companies in the world, and it's been growing extremely fast. Like, "600% growth in three years" fast.

Le défi
Spotify's IT team has a mission to provide great personal service to every employee, but in 2014, 100% of IT service requests were being submitted via email into a single inbox. As the amount of service requests went from hundreds to thousands, IT Managers Daniel Vázquez and Rick Wacey quickly discovered that email scales badly.

There was no way to manage the tickets in categories or queues. Lead times were getting longer, and customer satisfaction was dropping.

La solution
Spotify implented Jira Service Desk with help from Atlassian Platinum Expert Riada. Jira Service Desk provided a better user experience and one place for the entire IT team to manage its queues. Integrating Jira Service Desk with Confluence, the team created a self-service knowledge base of articles for common questions. 

The team even set up a Genius Bar kiosk on an iPad to track walk-up requests – all connected to Jira Service Desk. As a result, IT was not only recoginized as a service center, but also as a team that innovates.

Since setting up Jira Service Desk, the team has categorized 100% of its tickets and has seen an 8x increase in articles contributed to the knowledge base. Just as important, IT has made its mark within the company: "We have raised the profile of IT at Spotify. We are seen as a center of innovation," says Wacey.

To learn more about how the team leverages Atlassian to support huge company growth, watch the Spotify Atlassian 2015 Summit presentation.

Even in a large corporation, IT can provide a personal level of service to each and every employee. Jira coupled with Jira Service Desk is a platform with which this vision can be achieved.— Rick Wacey, IT leads team, Spotify