Data Center on AWS

Deploy on AWS for instant scalability, quick setup, and painless administration 

Fire up our Quick Start guide with AWS CloudFormation templates for Atlassian

Instantly scale with AWS

 Deploy quickly and scale effortlessly on trusted infrastructure 


Use our Quick Start guides with AWS CloudFormation templates, designed by AWS and Atlassian, to deploy your Data Center application in a matter of minutes. Follow configuration steps and best practices that save setup time.

Plan for growth

Customize your AWS deployment to meet the needs of your organization and your Data Center instance. Services like autoscaling in AWS are designed to be flexible and will grow with your Data Center cluster automatically based on the load your system is experiencing. 

Trusted infrastructure

Get full control of your instance without the hassle of managing a network or services required to deploy your application. Plus, AWS is now a supported platform for Data Center. 

Atlassian Data Center

The Data Center deployment option is designed for running mission-critical Atlassian applications in your own datacenter. 

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